How to Stay Focused During a Basketball Game

Improving Concentration on the Basketball Court

Young athletes and high school students have so much to contend with these days with homework, college applications, social media, and everything else going on at home and school. For some players, putting all these distractions aside can feel next to impossible. Concentration is a vital part of any sport. A player’s mind needs to be squarely on the task at hand. If not, chances are that the player and the rest of the team will end up suffering. Whether you’re a coach or a player that’s looking to improve your game, take a moment to learn about the best ways to improve concentration on the court.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice lies at the heart of success. In order to truly succeed and stay focused on the court, a player needs to have a firm command of their abilities. Practicing the same drills or moves over and over helps a player create what’s known as muscle memory. When the player finds themselves in the same position during the game, their body will know exactly what to do without a second thought. Any sense of confusion or hesitation on the court can be fatal. That’s why it’s important for players to whittle down the game to a few core exercises. Whether it’s footwork, dribbling, or making the winning shot, practice always makes perfect.

Setting Goals for Individual Players

There are dozens of exterior factors that a player might want to focus on during a game such as their parents, the crowd, or the scoreboard. But focusing on one particular goal will help the player block out of all that unnecessary information. Coaches and players should get in the habit of assigning individual goals to help boost performance. Scoring an extra free throw, blocking more shots on defense, or passing the ball will help steer players from hesitation and back to the task at hand.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Setting goals for individual players and practicing to no end will only get young athletes so far. Regardless of whether they play a sport, a young person’s body needs a good night’s sleep, lots of water and healthy food if they’re going to succeed at pretty much anything. Mental concentration is directly related to diet, hydration, and sleep. While hitting the McDonald’s drive-thru on the way to practice might sound innocent enough, all those empty calories and excess sodium will only hurt the player in the long run. While no one can control a teenager’s cravings, coaches and parents should do their best to encourage players to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If a player really wants to improve their mental concentration on the court, they should consider signing up for summer basketball camp. Practicing in the off season is a great way to keep those newly-developed skills fresh and effective. Check out the Kenny Smith Basketball Camp for Boys and Girls for more information about summer registration.