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Best Basketball Passing Drills for Kids

Teaching Kids How to Pass and Move the Ball Down the Court When it comes to basketball, passing the ball is the definition of teamwork. Players need to learn how to work together if they’re going to get anywhere on the court. If you’re a coach or a summer basketball camp instructor, you can use […]

Basketball Shooting Drills for Kids

Teaching Kids How to Make the Perfect Shot If you’re a coach that’s looking to teach a group of young players how to shoot, there are dozens of basketball shooting drills that are designed specifically for beginners and children. They teach kids about the many variables when it comes to scoring, including how to approach […]

Building Family Bonds Through Sports

Sports are of course a way to have fun and stay in shape, but for families they provide an additional benefit: a way to bond. Through sports, you can introduce your kids to new ways of being active, facilitate a little friendly competition, and give your child unconditional support and encouragement. Basketball is an especially […]

Youth Basketball Drills: Basic Footwork

When teaching fundamental basketball skills at the school level, or at a summer basketball camp, footwork is the only place to start. Good footwork is what allows offensive players to create space and finish shots. And it’s what allows defensive players to stay in front of their man, deny the offense the ball, retrieve rebounds […]

How to Stay Focused During a Basketball Game

Improving Concentration on the Basketball Court Young athletes and high school students have so much to contend with these days with homework, college applications, social media, and everything else going on at home and school. For some players, putting all these distractions aside can feel next to impossible. Concentration is a vital part of any […]

Teaching Teamwork Through Basketball

Learning how to work with others in a team or group setting is an invaluable life lesson. When kids learn teamwork, they learn how to socialize, how to cooperate, how to cope with failure, how to work for a common goal, and how to accept responsibility for their actions, and all of these skills will […]

Best Pre-Game Habits for Basketball Players

How to Warm Up Before a Basketball Game Basketball requires a great deal of endurance, concentration, and strategic maneuvering. Being a great player means training your body and your mind. Regardless of what position you have on the court, you need to be able to move fast and have the mental energy to outsmart your […]